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Cross River Software is a Kansas City firm that develops custom software applications. We specialize in devising elegant solutions to challenging problems that are not easily solved with out-of-the-box software. Company founder Casey McSpadden works with partners in the fields of policy analysis, geographic information systems, database development and graphic design to create software that is both analytically powerful and easy to use. Historically, the majority of our clients have been utilities and renewable energy companies, but we've worked with clients in fields ranging from financial services to archaeology to nanotechnology. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Cross River Software got its start in 1997 developing software for water utilities. Working closely with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California--the largest supplier of treated water in the United States--and its member agencies, we have developed tools to forecast water demand, to evaluate the effectiveness of water conservation programs, to analyze water distribution networks and to assist in various water resource planning efforts. One of our signature products is IRPSIM, an Integrated Resources Planning software application that Metropolitan has been using for over fifteen years to run its primary water resource planning and sales forecasting models.

renewable energy

Cross River entered the renewable energy field when we were approached by a major wind energy services company in Seattle for help in managing weather data they were collecting from hundreds of sites they monitored for wind farm developers, utilities and government agencies around the world. We developed an enterprise-level database and software tools to assist their data analysis staff in performing customized data quality control and data validation and to support the activities of logistics staff who are responsible for installing and maintaining meteorological equipment. We are currently pursuing projects with other renewable energy clients.

web applications

We have been building websites and web applications for our clients since the early days of the internet. While we're proficient at adapting modern content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal (often, this is the best approach) we specialize in developing custom solutions to meet our clients' unique needs. For example, we built a special-purpose web-based "wizard" to guide an applicant in filling out a complicated Russia visa application form and an online system for scheduling events that is being used internally by financial planning firms to book client meetings. We like to leverage small-footprint frameworks such as Slim, jQuery and Backbone and open-source databases like MySQL to build data-intensive web applications that are intuitive, fast and lean.


With the small size and assortment of features such as cameras, GPS and motion detection in today's smart devices, we're excited about the potential of mobile apps to both meet the needs of our existing utility and energy clients and to allow us expand our business into new areas. For example, we've been working with a non-profit firm in the Pacific Northwest to develop a mobile app that allows users to report whale and other marine mammal sightings. We have demonstrated a prototype of the application to an enthusiastic audience at NOAA's Regional Headquarters in Seattle and are in the process of securing funding for further development. We have expertise in both iOS and Android operating systems.


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