project abstract: The Nanotech Company, LLC[technical details]

The Nanotech Company, LLC launched the website in late 2005 and it grew into one of the premier online destinations for nanotechnology investors, students and scientists.

Cross River Software teamed with design firm indego:MEDIA to engineer every aspect of the site. Features included a self-populating patent database, an event calendar, an employment module, streaming multimedia, stock charts and blogs.

The site was designed to serve a diverse membership base, from serious nanotechnology investors to research scientists. The website was designed as a nanotechnology "portal" that aggregated data from a variety of sources such as financial services, patent databases and RSS news feeds. The site featured a custom-built blog interface and storefront for purchasing site subscriptions, books, papers and nano-related merchandise.

The website featured a MySQL/PHP server and a JavaScript-intensive client that pulled information from a variety of data sources using RSS, HTML "scraping" and other techniques. Among its many capabilities, the server was able to generate a variety of custom-designed financial charts as jpeg images.

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