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Complete Visa Services, LLC assists individual clients and travel agents in obtaining visas for travel to Russia.

The Russian visa application process can be frustrating, with myriad documentation requirements depending on the type of visa being sought, length of stay, and other considerations. Many visa applicants find their applications delayed or rejected because they failed to submit a required document or incorrrectly answered a question.

Cross River Software devised an easy-to-use, web-based application "wizard" that guides the applicant step-by-step through the application process. Each question is clearly explained and, based on the responses, the applicant is told exactly what documents the Russian Consulate will need to process the application. Once the applicant submits an application to Complete Visa Services, he or she can log in at any time to check on the application's status or to make corrections.

Cross River also designed a robust administrative interface that allows Complete Visa to check, at a glance, the status of every order and to print a daily list of action items. When all documents have been received for an application and the application is ready to be submitted to the Consulate for processing, CompleteVisa generates a printer-ready visa application in the format required by the Consulate.

Using the administrative interface, Complete Visa Services can accept credit card payments, record key milestones in the application process, and communicate directly with each client. After every milestone, CompleteVisa automatically sends an email to the applicant to inform her of the status of her application.

From the moment a user submits an application to the moment the completed visa is shipped to the customer, the CompleteVisa administrative module manages every step of the process.

Complete Visa is a web-based application using PHP and MySQL on the server side. The application features a custom-designed payment-processing component and dynamic generation of specialized visa application forms.

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